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Career at Artax Rufil Consulting

What do I have to bring along if I want to work for Artax Rufil Consulting?

For our offices in Moscow, Shanghai and Waldshut, we are constantly looking for highly motivated and qualified employees with work experience in international companies in the areas of tax, law, accounting and finance.

Depending on the position, the prerequisites are the appropriate professional qualifications and foreign language skills. Since we work with clients from all over the world, we expect a fluent command of spoken and written English, depending on the job location you should speak either Chinese or Russian. Many of our customers and some of our employees come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, so that German language skills are an advantage, but not a requirement.

Professionals, graduates and students can apply anytime. We also regularly award our internships for students through our cooperation with the DAAD.

Unsolicited applications are welcome at the following address: info@artax-rufil.com

Our current offers:

Our corporate history

Artax Rufil Consulting is an international management consultancy with locations in Germany, Switzerland, China, Russia and the USA. Artax Rufil Consulting was formed in 2017 through the merger of two companies – Artax – Tax Consultants and International Tax Consultants – and RUFIL CONSULTING – Accounting and Management in Russia.

The company artax – Tax consultants and consultants for international tax law – was founded by Mr. Jürgen Bächle (Tax consultant and Consultant for international tax law) in 1989 in Germany. Since 2004, Tax and business consulting has been provided for German clients in China. Their own representative office in China was opened in 2006 in the German Business Center in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Pudong in Shanghai. In 2010, this representative office was converted into a limited liability company under Chinese law.

The company RUFIL CONSULTING – Accounting & Management in Russia – was founded in 2007 by Philipp Rowe in Moscow to help German and international companies in Russia.

Why have artax and RUFIL CONSULTING merged in 2017? Why did the owners Jürgen Bächle and Philipp Rowe decide to merge their companies?

More locations. By merging the two companies into Artax Rufil Consulting, the joint venture now has its own locations in Germany, Switzerland, China, Russia and the USA. Thus, it covers exactly the countries that are particularly important for the foreign business of German and European companies. China, Russia and the USA are among the most important export markets. In addition, we are now represented in the countries that make the largest investments in Germany, Switzerland and Europe.

Larger and higher quality range of services. The merger enables Artax Rufil Consulting to provide international tax and business consulting at the highest level in China and Russia in our four office languages German, English, Chinese and Russian. In addition, the intercontinentally networked Artax Rufil Consulting offices in Shanghai, Moscow, Boston, Waldshut-Tiengen and Basel provide the professional services needed for a foreign engagement.

Personal reasons. The founders and owners Jürgen Bächle and Philipp Rowe run the company Artax Rufil Consulting jointly. With the common goal – supporting German and international customers in their worldwide business – they share the tasks and responsibilities of corporate management, complementing each other with their personal strengths and inclinations.

Jürgen Bächle is the Managing Director in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. As a German Tax Consultant and Consultant for international tax law with a long international experience, he leads large and important consulting projects personally. An important part of his job in the company is the transfer of his knowledge to the Artax Rufil Consulting experts in China and Russia, as well as the control of the quality of the services provided to clients.

Philipp Rowe is the Managing Director in Russia and China. He has a long and intensive experience abroad (as an independent businessman in Moscow since 2007) and is permanently present in Moscow and Shanghai. One of his key responsibilities in the day-to-day business is to ensure that our customers are satisfied and that employees are properly employed and motivated.

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