The United States of America, as the land of unlimited opportunities, continues to represent good, business-friendly economical conditions and an attractive location for international companies due to its big market size. Foreign investors are welcome and, in addition to market entry aids, also enjoy tax breaks.

There is a great deal of interest in German companies – for example, Germany and America share the same Western values ​​in the world of work, even if there are cultural differences in the implementation – and the high proportion of German investors in the American market are evidence of the acceptance of foreign investors and that the chances of success are very high.

  • Tax Advisory in the USA

  • Financial Reporting

  • Internal Audit and Due Diligence

  • VAT Refund in the USA

  • Set Up a Company

  • Our Expertise in the USA

  • Representative office oder filial

  • Purchasing a company in the USA

  • Legal Address

  • American bank accounts

  • Import / Export

  • Interim Management

  • Shelf Companies

  • Supply an installation to the USA

  • Corporate Financing

We would be pleased to advise you if you would like to expand your business in the USA or have legal and tax questions that need to be resolved.

Through our contact office in Boston, we are happy to establish contacts with our local partners.

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